Kali Yuga

by Maharaja

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Blood Moon 05:16
You found yourself in a strange place. Or is it really so strange? It's hard to deal when you're the one contributing to the pain. Your mouth is wide and you’re quick to spit, but your eyes are blinded. Bound by fear of inferior. Shant disobey. You stare at death, breathe in. You dug a grave, now die in vain. Life turns to death turns to life under a blood covered moon. Thrall arise! Do my will. All who pass you shall kill. Stalk the halls of necropolis. Wail in winds of plague. Eternal guardian of aging dust. Doomed boundless soul.
Back and forth. Over and over. Pace your patience, hold fast. Gage their anger. Take their honor. Now its time we ride. Battlecross painted. Gasoline lighted. Now its time your life denied. I will rise. Your corpse, my pride. Thousands of bodies stacked on themselves. Lemons and shovels, grave tools. All of this murder, for man. Neither us question ourselves. Pointless suffering. Endless bodies. Never ending immortal war. Millennia of hate. Perpetual conquest. Those who feed off war rule us. Inevitable cycle. Instinctual blood thirst. Through dead eyes, truths may lie.
Free Choice 05:13
As banners get cut down we flee the city walls. On foot and from ships we peer back at the flames. What is stolen will be returned. Fulfilling my birthright, my only function, for the plight of mankind. My final decision, all or nothing, total destruction. I was dealt the throes, slings and arrows, for the test of all time. Black me out. Void my essence, the path of nonexistence. I persevere to climb above the dead and reave what is mine. Once the smoke has cleared I feel my heart give. One last moment in the sun. Free choice, un-free existence.
Ethisfidi 05:22
A shadow approaches blocking out the sun. Ethisfidi, demon serpent. The dragon barks like dogs on a hunt. White scaled Bastard demon. With sharpened snout she smells your blood. A gust of wind and she's upon us. Staring you down with fangs dripping. Eyes wide with lust for your soul, yearning. Just a man, a feeble man. One purpose, dragon fodder. Pleading to a god who can't hear you now. Your fate planned out once she took hold. Just a man, on his knees. The dragon breathes and nods you back. Just a man who died trying to slay that fucking dragon.
Ouroboros 07:08
War, mental pervertor. Teeth gnashing to taste blood. Faith, constant schism. Faces drowned in mud. Blind hate. Vanguard of slaves. Liars letting trumpets roar. Feeding the toothless. Playing their game. You're a sleepened fanatic born to consume. Mutate. Mutilate. Massacre. Mitigate A spell to enchant this living soul. To feed on flesh, a terrorizer with insatiable hunger.
The going price for solace leads to deficiency. We break our backs for just one day of peace. Amidst the barren affect so full of apathy. This grave you're digging will take you with me. Inside the brine with no truth in sight. I crush my bones just to make amends. In vain, a pact is made. In vain, I give refuge. In vain, a search for peace. In vain, everything.
I, Undying 07:50
Watch as the fleet cometh. Soldier ghosts dawning black and steel. Watch as the sleep man cometh. Red eyed hypnotizer, sword in hand. Beach war has stormed the gates. Feel the influence and rape amongst yourselves steal and separate. Feel the wave of inhumanity. Live for dying, you the oppressed. Devour your faith, abandon your will. Sleep now in the wake of ignorance. No place for the human race. Live forever, I undying. No place for the human race. Live forever, I undying.


released September 22, 2017

Recorded at Capitol University and Big Deal Studios
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jacob Wright
Produced by Jacob Wright and Eric Bluebaum
Album art and arrangement by Adam Eckley
All music written and performed by Maharaja
All lyrics written by Eric Bluebaum
**Tracks 3 and 6 lyrics written by Eric Bluebaum & Jordan Girton
Maharaja is:
Eric Bluebaum: Vocals and Bass
Angus Burkhart: Guitar and Vocals
Zack Mangold: Drums and Vocals
Copyright 2017


all rights reserved



Maharaja Dayton, Ohio

Eric Bluebaum - Bass & Vocals
Zack Mangold - Drums & Vocals
Angus Burkhart - Guitar & Vocals

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